Episode 08 — Brock Morgan (Part 1)

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It’s our much-anticipated first-ever interview! Brock Morgan, 27-year youth ministry veteran, author of Youth Ministry 2027 (Youth Cartel) and Pastor of Student Ministries at Falls Church Anglican (Falls Church, VA), sat down with us face-to-face for our first-ever interview! Brock is a humble and wise voice on the leading edge of youth ministry.

We chatted with Brock about growing up the son of Christian rockers, how he got the idea for his new book, and the serendipitous reality that the story of Thomas is recorded in John 20:27. We also found out that Brock’s dad was good friends with Keith Green (If you don’t know who that is, you need to do some research), and that he is still waiting to write his Big Boy Book.

Part one also begins our conversation on the state of adolescence in post-Christian culture, and how we as youth workers can help move our students from doubt to faith, and into a movement. Best of all, the conversation is just getting started.

Enjoy this interview with Brock Morgan (Part one), then go listen to The Amplified Version.





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