Episode 09 — Brock Morgan (Part 2)

In the second part of our interview with author, speaker, and youth ministry veteran Brock Morgan, we venture into a vulnerable conversation about anxiety, forgiveness, the state of today’s teenagers, the pressures of academics, and the difficult path to finding a beautiful longevity in youth ministry. Brock shares his own story of experiencing anxiety for the first time, and how it changed his view of it. We also talk about how we so often program the Holy Spirit out of our youth ministry, and what we can do to “let him back in.”

Since everyone in the room that day had been in youth ministry for at least 27 years, you have to forgive us for our anachronistic references to Pearl Jam, Mike Yaconelli, and the days when we were the cool youth pastors.

You will be blessed by the second half of our interview with Brock Morgan.



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