Episode 10 — Boundaries

Youth ministry is more than a job. It’s an integrated life that can overflow into all hours of the day, seven days a week if we allow it to. Whether it’s people reaching out to us, or our desire to know everything all the time, it can be all-consuming. And while we all want to do a great job shepherding others, we also have to shepherd ourselves. That means we have to set boundaries that help keep us emotionally, socially and spiritually healthy.

In this honest discussion, Steve and Mathew discuss some of the ways they protect their day off, their home life, their vacations, and their social media. They also share some of their many failures in this area. Their dogs aren’t any better.

How do we set boundaries in our life that will help us to stay healthy as youth workers? Join the discussion in Episode 10 of the Youth Ministry Sherpas Podcast.


Episode 10 Show Notes

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