Episode 20 — Hindsight is 20/20

Sometimes you need to look back to see what’s ahead.

Mathew wishes he had gotten glasses sooner. By the time Jesus healed his eyes with spit and mud at 17 (okay, it was the eye doctor at the mall), he had missed out on a lot. Meanwhile, by 17, Steve was already wearing his Kurt Rambis Rec Specs and intimidating 6′ 0″ power forwards all across the basketball courts of Western Pennsylvania.

Now, neither of us can imagine not having contacts and being able to see clearly.

Our vision is important, but it becomes even clearer when we can look back and see what we missed the first time around. Or see what we would do differently. In celebration of our 20th episode, Steve and Mathew reflect on what we would do differently if we could start again from scratch in programming, in leadership, and in our personal ministry.

We have a few regrets, but maybe our mistakes can help you see things more clearly for yourself.

Kurt Rambis’ NBA Career:

Recommendation for annual programming & planning


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