Episode 23 — Self Care

We all need to take a break. We all need to take care of ourselves. Even if you think you have the stamina of a Sherpa, trust us — you need to step off the trail and rest.

In today’s episode (#23), Steve and Mathew share their ideas for taking care of ourselvds. Even though they seem obvious, we don’t always do a great job of being intentional about them. Things like taking time off, finding a hobby, spoiling ourselves, going to conferences, visiting other churches, and pursuing friendships with people who don’t care that we’re a pastor — these are the things that have given us life and have kept us in youth ministry for the long haul. We used to feel badly about them, but not anymore!

In fact, we recorded this episode the day before Steve left for 8 nights in Jamaican paradise!

Oh, and you should see the beach house we rented for #DYM200!

If you aren’t doing these things, please try them. We guarantee you’ll like them. You’ll be a better person, and a better youth worker.

Enjoy–and DO–Episode 23 — Self Care!

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