Episode 26 — Now What?

What if the sole event in our youth ministry calendar was the Fall Kickoff? You know, we get everybody together for one big event in the fall, and that’s it! A ridiculous thought of course. Which is why we tackle “Now What?” in today’s episode of Youth Ministry Sherpas.

In our last episode, Steve and Mathew talked about the importance of kicking off well. But now that we’ve cast a vision for our dream, downloaded it to our leaders, and drawn others to our event, what do we do next? How do we keep it alive?

This episode was recorded the day after Labor Day. Mathew sent his kids back to school. Steve sent his wife back to kindergarten (she’s a teacher, not a student). Steve also spent the hottest weekend of the century working on a project in his house after the AC broke. Maybe the house was revolting against the loss of the Green Bay green on the bedroom wall? No, it was probably more angry about the removal of the Hines Ward fathead. (The combination didn’t make sense to us either)

Anyway, in this conversation, we unpack how to keep the dream alive. We have to continue to unpack it for people so they understand it better. We set some attainable goals and celebrate them along the way. We also have to continue using the language that will help us create culture associated with our dream. And in the end, we need to trust that God is working, even if it doesn’t look like we hoped it would. It’s probably better that way.

It’s Episode 26 of the Youth Ministry Sherpas Podcast — Now What!?

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