Episode 27 — When Students Do Dumb Things

It’s a good thing we were all perfect teenagers. It’s a good thing we never made a mistake, got into trouble, or smashed a shopping cart against a light pole with our car. That’s why we are such good and holy youth workers.

Okay, that’s probably a lie. A huge lie. The truth is, we all mess up, and as teenagers we all made our fair share of mistakes. We moved on thanks to the grace of God and the kindness of people.

In this episode of the Youth Ministry Sherpas podcast, Steve and Mathew share a few (mild) stories of their idiotic younger days. (We edited out the really bad things because we don’t want anyone to think less of us.) Steve shares his struggles with a recent real-life situation he still isn’t sure he handled well (without giving away too much information), while Mathew shares his clever interrogation techniques gleaned from hours of watching Law and Order.

What do we do when students mess up? How do we go about restoring them? What is the posture of our heart? How do we deal with the fallout in our group, and in our church? Is it possible to find a balance between accountability and grace that follows the example of Jesus?

Each situation is unique. Each is messy. And each affords us the challenge of trying to navigate the circumstances to bring restoration and forward progress.

Now that you are an adult with a fully-developed cerebral cortex, we hope you enjoy Episode 27 — When Students Do Dumb Things.


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