Episode 32 — Hitting the 4th Decade (holy cow; we’re old)!

An old, cartoon man meeting a young baby.

Ladies and Gentlemen, by the time you read this, both hosts of the Youth Ministry Sherpas Podcast will be (gasp!) IN THEIR 50s!

Steve has been doing the senior adult swim for a few years already, but Mathew is just getting into the pool, turning 50 on November 1. And guess what? We’re not dead yet! We might even have some gas left in the tank. It sure smells like it.

Anyway, the years sure have flown by. Seems like just yesterday we were celebrating Mathew’s 40th birthday at a hotel in Pittsburgh during a Youth Specialties conference. Steve bought the margaritas; Mathew dissolved into a puddle of tears. It has been a good ride, my friend. But that’s a story for another episode.

Anyway, it’s amazing to look back and see how we’ve grown through each decade–from destroying kids in dodgeball and seeking legitimacy in our 20s, to pioneering and building healthy programs in our 30s, to hitting our stride and becoming more intentional in our 40s, to entering the “sage stage” in our 50s. It has been quite a journey, and our story is still being written (along with the prescription for that prostate medication).

We thought we’d use the occasion of Mathew’s 50th birthday to reflect on what youth ministry was like through each decade of our lives. What did we learn? Where did we grow? What were the struggles and the joys of each stage? We share it all — at least what we can remember.

What was this episode about again?

We hope you will hang in there long enough to make it to your 4th decade of youth ministry. Who knows; maybe there will even be a 5th? That’s what the Youth Ministry Sherpas podcast is all about!

Episode 32–Hitting the 4th Decade (holy cow, we’re old)!

In honor of #32:


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