Episode 33 — Our Mantras

“Measure twice; cut once.” – Every Dad Ever
“The standard is the standard.” – Mike Tomlin
“Lock-ins are the devil.” – Youth Ministry Sherpas

What do Dads, successful NFL coaches, and healthy youth ministries all have in common?

They all have MANTRAS, defined as “statements or slogans repeated frequently.”  They are like rules for living, second-tier theologies, subtle truths that permeate everything we do. Mantras are stated, repeated (sometimes ad nauseam), and repeated again until they become a permanent part of the culture we are creating.

We have mantras too. In today’s episode, Steve and Mathew reflect on some of the “Mantras” that are near and dear to us. Without really thinking about it (before today), here are some things we say all the time that have become a major part of our youth ministries. We didn’t learn these in some textbook, although some are informed from Scripture. But they reflect our passions and our perspective. Some of them are theological truths; others more practical. All of them are deeply embedded in our unique youth ministry cultures.

What are your mantras? We’d love to know. Please share them with us on Instagram or Facebook.

You need to listen to this episode–no excuses–because, as Mike Tomlin says, “Excuses are the tools of the incompetent!”


Also mentioned:
Walt Mueller, Director for the Center for Parent/Youth Understanding and host of the Youth Culture Matters Podcast.



Here’s a sample of a Mike Tomlin press conference:







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