Episode 34 — Being Grateful

Happy Thanksgiving from two turkeys with a podcast!

It’s Thanksgiving Week — one of our favorite weeks of the year, because it means the end of the fall youth ministry sprint and a chance to relax, spend time with our families, eat, watch football and take a nap. That, folks, is a good combination!

We just got back from the National Youth Workers Convention in St. Louis. Wow, what a great time! It was wonderful being with our “tribe” of youth workers from all over the country. It’s like a family reunion without the crazy uncle and awkward third cousin. Oh wait…

Anyway, we had an absolute blast hanging out in the exhibit hall, meeting people and introducing them to this podcast. It’s hard to believe we just started this thing in January–two joes from Maryland–and there we were with a giant banner like we were a legitimate thing!? What a privilege to meet so many faithful youth workers. Thanks for stopping by to say hi. We got some great material for a future episode, and we also discovered that people love llamas. A lot. A little insanely so, if you ask us. If you got a t-shirt, congratulations on your great luck rolling snake eyes of double sixes. If you didn’t win, well, hey, thanks for playing and be grateful for your stickers.

In this episode, we thought it would be good to take some time to express our gratitude. It’s easy to get grumpy (someone might use the word “pissy”) and complain a lot. Sometimes we need it. It’s good to vent. But more often, it’s better to be thankful, to live and lead from a place of gratitude for the fact that we get to be youth workers, to love students, and to live this amazing life in a calling that is a joy and a privilege!

We are also thankful for YOU. We’re only 10 months into this, and we are incredibly blessed for all the opportunities and relationships we’ve discovered along the path.

So put the headphones on and listen to this episode while you fall asleep for your Thanksgiving nap! It’s Episode 34 — Being Grateful!

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