Episode 36 — The Many Moods of Youth Ministry

First, we apologize if this episode puts you in a bad mood. We couldn’t help it.

Steve was in a really bad mood when we recorded. It had something to do with the Pittsburgh Steelers losing late the night before. We take our football teams pretty seriously, and when things don’t go our way, we get a little salty. A lot salty, actually. You might even say pissy. Hey, we might be shallow, but at least we’re honest.

This is why we try not to watch football when we know we are going to be around students. We don’t want our mood to be affected when we are trying to lead a youth ministry. Who wants a grumpy, angry youth pastor?

But the truth is, we all struggle with the various moods that ministry and life bring our way. Being a youth worker doesn’t make us exempt from being angry/frustrated, disappointed/sad, tired/apathetic. In fact, ministry itself is often the number one factor making us feel this way. Welcome to life shepherding people!

In today’s episode, we lay it all on the table. We don’t always feel like doing youth ministry. Sometimes our mood is not good. After all, we’re human. But we have to carry on anyway. We are adults — we have to carry out our duties, even on the days we’d rather bite someone’s head off, or disappear to the couch with our blankie.

We hope you don’t mind us unloading a bit. You’ll probably relate. At least, we hope so. We promise no dogs were kicked in the recording of this episode.

Episode 36 — The Many Moods of Youth Ministry


Maybe this will make you feel better? It works for Steve!

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