Episode 37 — My Third Decade Meets Youth Ministry Sherpas

Batman meets Superman
Brady meets Manning
Dickens meets Twain
James meets Jordan
Stallone meets Schwarzenegger
Lincoln meets Washington

…Or 88-year-old Clint Eastwood meets 96-year-old Betty White?

It’s the first-ever crossover podcast with our friend Derry Prenkert of My Third Decade!

Derry is a veteran youth worker from Indiana and host of the My Third Decade podcast, another great youth ministry podcast dedicated to longevity. He has been at his church for 22 years, having started as an intern and now serving in a fresh role as Next Gen Pastor. He started My Third Decade about the same time we started Youth Ministry Sherpas. Together, we have 54 years of youth ministry experience in 3 churches (about 82 years overall!). It’s all part of this new wave of old people doing youth ministry podcasts! Just kidding. Derry is only in his 40s; we are the ones who are old here.

Anyway, we’ve wanted to do an episode together for a while, and we finally pulled it off. We talk about some of our most significant moments in our ministry life, about the challenges of transitions, and about what we’ve learned this year. It’s a great conversation, proving it’s never too late to make new friends and you are never too old to do a podcast.

Episode 37 — My Third Decade Meets Youth Ministry Sherpas

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