Episode 38 — A Very Sherpa Christmas

It’s Christmas!

Time for lots of cookies, parties, and ugly sweaters. It also marks the end of an amazing year for us! At this time last year, the Youth Ministry Sherpa Podcast was still a dream. 65 full- and short-length episodes later, we’re a thing! Who knew llamas would be the mascot of youth ministry everywhere?!

We are both ready to celebrate Christmas. We have our favorite Christmas movies to watch, and are looking forward to time with our families. Mathew is going all Clark Griswald (remember to ask him afterwards what he got from Amazon), while Steve, though he loves Clark, is more of a George Bailey kind of guy. He even met Jimmy Stewart once (sort of). Anyway, other than a youth ministry Christmas party or two, the days of filling Christmas break with youth activities (dare we say, Lock In?) are over. Take a break. Give your volunteers time off. Relax and plan….nothing.

We already have great plans for 2019 — including a new season of episodes starting January 8th and a new series called “Sherpa Legends.” Look for us in 2019! Until then, have a very merry Christmas and enjoy…

Episode 38 — a Very Sherpa Christmas!

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