Episode 39 — Burning Out, Falling Down, Drying Up

Welcome to 2019!

We’re back after a nice Christmas break. The McCabes enjoyed their frozen pizzas, days spent in pajamas, and their house guest, Clark W. Griswold (courtesy of Amazon and Steve). The Andersons enjoyed time with their adult children in their new favorite gathering spot, the backyard hot tub. Alas, now it’s time to get back to work.

Speaking of New Year’s, what resolutions do you have? Mathew wants to Cheetos for cheese sticks and protein so he can shed a few pounds. Steve wants to become sort of Jewish and pretend the day begins at sundown instead of sunrise. Our success in these endeavors is yet to be determined.

Which brings us to this episode. We wondered, “What will be be like one year from now? Will we be spiritually, emotionally and physically healthy? Will we still be doing youth ministry? What do we have to do this year to avoid burning out, falling down, and drying up? What do we need to practice in order to still be here doing this thing we love in January, 2020?

We hope this is helpful as we start a new year together.

Episode 39–Burning Out, Falling Down, Drying Up


Show Notes
If you are wondering what the heck Steve was thinking when he connected the Rockefellers to Clark Griswold, this will clarify. There’s also a book about the story which is highly entertaining.

Feeling like you might be burned out? Here’s a quick quiz we mention on the show:

Here’s a link to the book by Carey Nieuwhof that Mathew read on sabbatical:

And here’s a picture of Steve and his wife in their hot tub! (Not really)


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