Episode 40 — Burning Out, Falling Down, Drying Up

It’s winter in Maryland, and things are getting a little dicey. We’ve had our share of snow, ice, and sleet. And of course, we also face a new year of challenges in youth ministry.

In this episode, we continue our start-of-the-year discussion of “How to Avoid Burning Out, Falling Down and Drying Up.” Other than falling on the ice, what are ways that we as youth workers can fall down? Are we vulnerable to unchecked ambition, dishonoring our church leadership, or straight out moral failure? We all think it can’t possibly happen to us, until it does.

But we can avoid these dangers, and make it through this year closer to God and better youth workers than we are today. That’s what we hope happens, and what we are counting on.

Episode 40 — “Burning Out, Falling Down and Drying Up.”

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