Episode 41 — Burning Out, Falling Down, Drying Up

It’s late January, how are your New Year’s Resolutions going?

Now is the time when we often fall away from the things we started this year. We have to say, over here at Youth Ministry Sherpas, we are doing pretty well. Mathew has been drinking enough water to fill a small pond and create an impressive level of bladder control. Steve has been in his new hot tub nearly every evening, winding down the day with his wife. He’s hydrating his soul, if not his skin.

In this episode of Youth Ministry Sherpas, we wrap up our three-part “mini-series” called “Burning Out, Falling Down, Drying Up” with a conversation about how to stay hydrated in student ministry. How do we avoid becoming spiritually dry and brittle, ready to crumble at any moment? How can we avoid becoming kindling for ministry trouble and spiritual danger? There are some simple practical steps we can take–as well as some deeper spiritual rhythms–that we recommend to keep us fresher than a rapper’s new wardrobe or a high mountain stream.

By the way, don’t embarrass your friends by bringing Diet Coke into Pepsi-only restaurants. Sheesh. Some people!

It’s Episode 41 — “Burning Out, Falling Down, Drying Up.”


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