Episode 43 — Love and Relationships

Young love, isn’t it precious?

Unless it’s messing up your youth ministry!

We’re coming up on Valentine’s Day, and you know what that means: We get to take our wives out to dinner based on where we can go for free! Steve and Karen will be dining at Bonefish Grill (courtesy of a gift card from someone at church), while Mathew and Gina will get free dinner at Fogo de Chao courtesy of the sponsor of the big volleyball tournament they are working that weekend.

So what do we do with dating couples in our youth ministries? The truth is, there is little chance they will end up together, and little chance we can stop them. How do help protect their hearts for when things go sour, and how do we protect our ministries from the toxic fallout that descends in the wake of the break up? 

There are no easy answers, except to the one question everyone is wondering: What did Mathew say when he was invited to Prom?

Episode 43 — Love and Relationships 

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