Episode 44 — How Not to Be Boring


Another week of school.

Another Sunday (or Wednesday).

Another youth group.

So much of our students’ lives are driven by school, by sports, by academics, and by expectations. To many of them, life is a boring routine, or a constant preparation for the next thing. Do we treat church the same way? Do you ever worry that we are getting boring?

We sat down the day after the MBSBE (Most Boring Super Bowl Ever) to talk Student Ministry. After wasting four hours of our lives watching the battle of the punters and a weird halftime show from Maroon Five and Big Boi (not to be confused with Bob’s Big Boy, which serves great hamburgers), we thought we’d spend thirty minutes of our time in a conversation about how not to be boring in youth ministry. By being winsome, by being surprising, and by being transcendent, we think youth ministry offers something nobody else can offer.

We hope this episode doesn’t bore you. It’s definitely better (and shorter) than the MBSBE.

 Episode 44 — How to Not Be Boring

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