Sherpa Legend — Greg Speck

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Welcome to our new show, SHERPA LEGENDS!

Each month, we will present a conversation with a Youth Ministry Legend. Our conversations center around their story. How did they get into youth ministry, what has kept them in it, and what were some of their favorite adventures along the way? We hope you will tune in each month for the next SHERPA LEGEND!

Our second legend: GREG SPECK

A post-college job at a home for emotionally-disturbed teenagers led Greg Speck into a nearly 40-year career in youth ministry. For the past 30 years, Greg has been speaking full-time to students around the world. From camps and weekend retreats to mission trips and international conferences, Greg’s special blend of humor, storytelling, sincerity, and love for students have provided him with opportunities to share the Word of God with hundreds of thousands of middle- and high-school kids. 

Sherpa host Steve Anderson first encountered Greg at an outreach in Pennsylvania many years ago when he was a new youth volunteer. Since then, Steve has heard him speak many times at various student conferences and retreats, and just last year saw middle-school students impacted by Greg’s “Dad Hugs” after another powerful retreat. God’s incredible favor on Greg for these years of speaking and traveling is a testimony to Greg’s integrity and reliance on the Bible as his authority. 

Greg is the author of several books for students, including Living for Jesus Beyond the Spiritual High. His latest book, Mustard Seeds on Youth Ministry, is a fountain of direct, clear, spiritual and practical counsel for young youth workers who want to build a ministry that will last.

You can interact with Greg on Facebook and Twitter, or by emailing him at gregospeck@gmail.com. For books and bookings, you can find him at:


Greg and his wife Bonnie have been married for over 40 years and are the proud parents of four grown children. They live in Rockford, IL.

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  1. Love this interview! It was so cool to hear the voice of Pastor Steve Anderson interviewing my long time friend, Greg. He is truly a gifted communicator. I’ve also been equally impressed as I have observed him in his role as a husband, dad, pastor, and friend. Greg certainly deserves “Rushmore” status.

    Thanks for decades of faithful ministry to students, Steve. It was my joy to get to know you many years ago. You are truly a “Sherpa Legend” as well!

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