Episode 46 — How to Handle Criticism

Nothing takes the steam out of our passion for youth ministry like criticism.

Criticism is a reality for anyone in leadership. Youth pastors might even be in a position to receive more than most, since we have so many people groups (parents, students, senior pastors, elder) to answer to. We’ve both had our share, and we never like it, but somehow we are still around and loving student ministry.

In this episode, Steve and Mathew talk about our own failures to handle criticism well. Steve has a reputation for being more defensive than a nil-nil soccer game. Mathew has been known to answer before he should have with a little bit of snark thrown in. Both of us are getting better. We’ve even learned a few tips along the way that might help you put out the fire, not start a bigger one.

So put on your Big Boy Pants, and get ready to ask yourself some hard questions, like, What can I learn from the criticism I’m receiving?

Episode 46 — How to Handle Criticism

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