Episode 47 — Our Senior Pastors

Today’s in-studio combination is more rare than the Northern Hairy Nosed Wombat. (Look it up!) — two veteran youth pastors and two founding pastors with 84 years combined in our churches.

In today’s episode, we invited our senior pastors to join us. Paul Abbott is senior pastor of Cedarbrook Community Church, which he founded 30 years ago. Guy Kneebone is senior pastor of Mountain View Community Church, which he founded 21 years ago. Add in Mathew and Steve, who have been in our positions as youth pastors for 15 and 18 of those years, and you have a unique level of partnership, longevity, and investment in a local church.

In this candid interview, Paul and Guy share how they found us (we weren’t their first choices) and how they’ve managed to put up with us for so long. Paul didn’t freak out when he arrived one Sunday morning to find a man-sized hole in the wall of the sanctuary. Guy has allowed Steve to exhibit his maverick tendencies (“Steve likes to do what Steve likes to do”). We’re glad we haven’t been fired.

Paul and Guy share their perspective on youth ministry as senior pastors of growing churches. What do they need from us as youth pastors? What is the value of youth ministry within the church? How can we support them?

We also discuss some of the issues that often cause trouble — communication, perseverance, visibility, trust — these are things that often cause rifts in the senior pastor/youth pastor relationship. By the grace of God, we’ve managed to forge relationships that have lasted all these years. Are there any secret formulas that might transfer to enable others to experience this kind of longevity? 

We think so, and we think this interview is not only a rare combination, but something worth striving for.

Episode 47 — Our Senior Pastors

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Cedarbrook Community Church

Mountain View Community Church

Northern Hairy Nosed Wombat

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