Episode 48 — Youth Ministry Thought Bubbles (Part 1)

(Warning: Rated “IM” for “Immature”)

Being a youth worker requires restraint. People say things to us that drive us nearly insane with frustration. We’ve heard every excuse, criticism, and pathetic justification for lack of involvement. But because we represent God, the church, and perhaps even the decent side of humanity, we can’t say what we are really thinking. But what if we could? What if our thought bubbles became actual declarations?! Oh, what fun we would have!

It’s our youth ministry fantasy, and today we let it out for a run!

In this episode, we say what we are really thinking when we hear the most aggravating, discouraging, ridiculous comments from parents. “My kid doesn’t have any friends here. The group is cliquey. I didn’t know about that. My kid says it’s not meeting his spiritual needs.” Pul-leeeaaase! We are’t going to lie — it felt really good to let it out.

In the end, even though we can’t say what we are thinking, there are nuggets of truth in our thought bubbles. Perhaps we can find a way to constructively, with grace, say what needs to be said so that people can hear the truth in a way that changes them.

You might want to sit down for this one. It left us breathless. We hope you enjoy this cathartic experience.

(Next episode in part 2 we will share our thought bubbles about students)

Episode 48 — Youth Ministry Thought Bubbles

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