Episode 50 — The Foolish Things We’ve Done

It’s hard to believe we made it to 50 episodes!

Actually, it’s harder to believe we made it to 50 years, including all these years in youth ministry, especially when you consider all the foolish things we have done.

Its fitting that Episode 50 should be released near April Fool’s Day, a holiday which holds a special place in the heart of any good youth worker. Maybe it’s because we thought the day was created in our honor? Or maybe it’s because we all love a good  opportunity to watch students cry when we tell them Chris Tomlin isn’t actually coming to lead worship and Taco Bell isn’t really the new corporate sponsor of our snack bar.

Since everybody makes mistakes, we thought it might be helpful to tell a few tales about the foolish things we’ve done as youth pastors. The list is long. Whether it was allowing something to happen that we were too dumb to stop (like dodge ball with basketballs or a nearly-burlesque stage performance), or actually doing something beyond stupid (like using students as an object lesson without warning or sanctioning a 36-hour van ride), we have made our fair share of blunders. Thankfully, we received forgiveness in equal measure to our stupidity.

We all do foolish things. The key is to admit our mistakes, learn our lesson, and move on with wisdom and good counsel. Hopefully we haven’t caused too much damage along the way.

It’s Episode 50 — our half-century episode — Foolish Things We’ve Done!

Here’s a link to the Youth Leader’s Summit at Harvey Cedars Bible Conference in New Jersey, May 22-24. We’ll be there. Better yet, Josh Griffin will be there.

Speaking of wisdom, you must bring your whole volunteer team to the National Day of Volunteer Youth Ministry Training, created by Download Youth Ministry and coming to a city near you on September 21! You can bring as many volunteers as you wish for one low price! It’s an offer you can’t (and shouldn’t) refuse–unless you are truly a fool!

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