Episode 53 — Procrastination (Part 2)

When we started as youth workers, we didn’t have laptops or cell phones. We weren’t distracted by text messages, emails and the latest news from our favorite sports team. But it wasn’t all focus and productivity. Those floppy discs could be very distracting! 

It’s part 2 or our Procrastination series. Last episode we talked about the causes and costs of procrastination. In this follow-up, we provide some cures (we hope). At least they’d if we’d only stop putting them off and implement them.

Plan week to week, day to day, and hour to hour. Plan the big picture. Prioritize tasks and block times. Stack meetings. Change environments. These are just a few of our ideas. Find what works for you.

Make the plan. Work the plan.

It’s Episode 53 — Procrastination (Part 2)

Also mentioned in Today’s Episode:

The Storybrand Podcast from Donald Miller is one of our favorites. You can check out his Productivity Schedule here:
Storybrand Productivity Schedule

Planner Pads are a good paper-based organizer
Planner Pads

Mathew prefers digital planners:

You should pick up this book
Manage Your Day to Day

Michael Hyatt is a leader in personal productivity. His planning system is a little pricey but it’s probably worth it.
Michael Hyatt

Next time you sit down to write a message, grab your sword and put this on your speakers:

Okay kids, it’s time for your history lesson!
What is this????

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