Sherpa Shorts Season 2 — The Letter E

Welcome to Sherpa Shorts Season 2!

Tired of waiting for summer to actually arrive? No Prob-llama! Steve and Mathew are back with another burst of Sherpa fun. We pulled out our Bermuda shorts, dark socks and Hawaiian shirts just for you!

For 26 straight days, we will race through the alphabet, taking turns choosing a word that begins with the next letter as it relates to youth ministry. Some might be obvious, others obscure — but neither of us knows what the other one is going to choose next. Expect some surprises and moments of awkward silence. We hope these Sherpa Shorts get you in the mood for summer vacation!

The Letter E

We are giving away a FREE STAY during the National Youth Workers Convention in Tampa November 20-25! We have rented a 20-bed paradise for us and our friends, and we want you to join us! To win a free stay, just listen to each episode for the Secret Word. Compile all 26 Secret Words into the Super Secret Sherpa Phrase. Email the phrase to us, and you’ll be entered into a chance to stay for free! We will be offering the rest of the spots at a reasonable price, too! Breakfast and snacks are included, not to mention the luxurious digs and a fascinating company of fellow youth workers!

To enter, send the Super Secret Sherpa Phrase to us by June 15 at

To stay with us whether you win or not, reach out to us at that address and we’ll send you the information!

You can register for NYWC here:

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