Episode 55 — Controlling Our Social Media So It Doesn’t Control Us

The Youth Ministry Sherpas Podcast is back!

It was a good summer for us. After putting out of a ton of content over the past 16 months, we admit we were a bit fried and in need of a little break. Actually, we took a full-on break, as Steve was off for a 10-week sabbatical, completely out of touch with church life, youth ministry, and podcasting. In fact, his disappearance was so complete that he also did not use any social media the entire time away. 

That experience provided the backdrop for this episode, our first new one of the fall. In this episode, we talk candidly about how our social media and ministry life intersect. How do we handle multiple accounts? What kind of content do we post on each? If somebody was new to our church or looking at us as representatives of Christianity, what would they think? What does our social media say about us? And how do we control our own use of social media so that we aren’t constantly comparing ourselves, bogging ourselves down in everybody’s stuff, and diving into the pit of social media despair?

We don’t have all the answers to this, as we are both social media junkies to some extent. But we are at least asking the questions and trying to be better. We think every youth worker would do well to give this subject more thought and develop a healthy balance of engagement and detachment. Youth worker friends, we can do better!

In this episode, we also introduce our new weekly feature, “Sherpa Say What?” We think you’ll love it.

Anyway, we are back for a new season full of great fun and thoughtful help for youth workers everywhere. We are glad you can join us!

To inquire about staying in the Sherpa House during the National Youth Worker’s Convention in Tampa in November, email us at youthministrysherpas.com.

EPISODE 55 — Controlling Our Social Media So It Doesn’t Control Us

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