Sherpa Legend — The Skit Guys

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 If you’ve ever been to a youth ministry conference, chances are that you’ve seen the Skit Guys. And if you’ve seen the Skit Guys, chances are you laughed until you cried. Keeping us in stitches and tissues is what they do best.

Tommy Woodard and Eddie James have been bringing laughter and tears to the youth ministry world for over 25 years. They are truly the comedic legends of Youth Ministry.

They met in high school when Tommy was the top dog of the drama department and Eddie was the challenger looking to ascend the throne. Despite the rivalry (documented on ESPN’s 30 for 30), it was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. When Tommy invited Eddie to go to church with him, Eddie met Jesus, and the course of their lives was changed forever.

Not that they knew it at the time. They just started doing skits together, and one opportunity led to another which led to another. The next thing they knew, they were on stage before thousands. And occasionally, in a garage performing for 18. In both places, they have been conduits for the grace and affection God has for all us.

It’s a beautiful story of two friends who have used their gifts to encourage the youth ministry world for nearly three decades. We can’t imagine a world without them, and we don’t want to try.

We were going to release a video version of this interview, but when Tommy took his shirt off five seconds into our conversation, we thought it would inappropriate.

Enjoy our conversation with the legendary comedy team, The Skit Guys.

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