Episode 57 — How to be a Hero to Students

Youth workers take on many roles, perhaps the biggest of which is running the ministry. We teach, lead, and run programs. But sometimes we get so busy, we lose sight of the trees because we are looking at the forest. It’s time to get back to the whole reason we got into youth ministry in the first place. We love students and want them to know they are loved by us and by Jesus.

In today’s episode, Steve and Mathew talk about how we can ensure that we are providing for students what they need most. It doesn’t matter how great our game is, or whether the slides are in the proper order, or if we run out of soda. What matters is that each student is made in the image of God. Here’s what we need to make sure we do, are doing, and always going to do as youth workers. To be great youth workers, we must:

See them
Hear them
Believe in them
Challenge them
Celebrate them

The annals of youth ministry history are filled with successes of this kind. Ask any of our “Sherpa Legends,” and you’ll find in their past someone who did this for them.

And for us.

This is the second of our three-part series, “How to be a Hero to…”

Episode 57 — How to be a Hero to Students

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