Episode 58 — How to be a Hero to Volunteers

Good volunteers are the heartbeat of any youth ministry. If Jesus recruited 12 disciples to help with his mission, we probably need a thousand. Or a million.

In this episode, Steve and Mathew share their thoughts on how to effectively pastor our volunteers. Our volunteers can do things we cannot do, go places we cannot go, and shepherd kids we cannot shepherd. We need them more than we think we do, and we need to do everything we can to help them succeed. 

An effective head youth leader will do these things (and more) for his or her volunteers…

Encourage them. Everybody needs affirmation and a pat on the back. Our words are powerful.

Equip them. Youth pastors swim in the waters of youth ministry. We have resources our volunteers need and are too busy to find.

Empower them. Don’t be the blockage in your ministry!

Enjoy them. Play together. Make memories. Treat them like kings and queens.

Inspire them. This isn’t chaperoning. It isn’t babysitting. It’s kingdom building work. Share a big vision for what we do!

This is the final part of our three-part series, “How to be a Hero to…”

Episode 58 — How to be a Hero to Volunteers

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