Episode 59 — The Smells of Youth Ministry

Ahh, nothing is better than waking up in a camp bunk to the gentle sound of rain and the smell of… middle school feet, wet towels, and moldy sleeping bags. 

They say our sense of smell carries the power of memories. Nothing brings back the past like powerful odors we’ve experienced in memorable moments of our lives. Thus, it’s only fitting that we consider the calling of youth ministry from the perspective of our noses.

In this episodes, Steve and Mathew take a trip down memory lane as we recount some of our favorite smells in youth ministry. Many are pungent. Some are nausea-inducing. And others contain combinations that have been cited for health violations and nearly caused nuclear reactions. Yet all of them represent the beauty of youth ministry in all its aromatic glory–whether it be in the bathroom, the van, the bunkhouse, or the third bottle of Axe Body Spray emptied in the past 12 minutes.

The bottom line — We get to do this! Even when it smells bad, it’s beautiful!

EPISODE 59 — The Smells of Youth Ministry

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