Episode 64 — Live from NYWC 2019

We have been looking forward to this for 365 days!

We were back at the National Youth Workers Convention this week for the second time as exhibitors. We had a blast meeting people from all over the country who are serving faithfully in youth ministries large and small. We gave away a suitcase full of fuzzy socks and llamacorns, enough stickers to cover the earth, and a few t-shirts and fuzzy llamas too. What a great time!

We also had the privilege of being part of the official program at NYWC, thanks to Josh Griffin and our friends at DYM. We will release our Sherpa Legend Interview with Duffy and Maggie Robbins soon!

But on today’s episode, we share the answers we received to our question, “What is the greatest advantage of being youth ministry in your 20s/30s/40s/50s?” We were blessed to hear answers from every generation. And we have to say, longevity and wisdom rule!

If you were part of today’s show, thanks for stopping by! Hope to see you next year.

Episode 64 — Live from NYWC

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