Episode 66 — Back to our Calling

Do you know who Kami Rita is? You should. He’s a man who knows his calling.

Do you ever wonder if you should still be in youth ministry, or question whether you were ever called in the first place?

We have. And still do. But deep down, we also know we were called to this. And what helps us persevere is coming back to the story of how God called us into this in the first place. We realize that we’ve been imprinted with a supernatural design to do what we do. It’s something we will always have, and it’s what keeps us coming back year after year, even when we grow tired, discouraged, or wonder if we still have it.

Remembering our calling affirms our calling.

Kami Rita is the greatest Sherpa in history. Earlier this year, he summited Everest for the 24th time at the age of 49. He is definitely called to climb the mountain. We think you are too. We hope we’ve helped you get this far.

As 2019 draws to a close, may this episode encourage you to continue in this amazing calling until the 24th summit, the 49th year, the next retreat, or this year’s Christmas party. Whatever you are feeling in terms of your stamina, remember that you were called to this.

Blessings to you as we wrap up our second year of the Youth Ministry Sherpas Podcast. See you in 2020!

Episode 66 — Back to Our Calling

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