Episode 67 — Getting a Mid-Year Checkup

Happy New Year! Happy New Decade! Welcome to the 3rd Season of the Youth Ministry Sherpas Podcast!

In this episode, we kick off a new season with a much-needed checkup when Steve discovers in horror that Mathew hasn’t been to the dentist in 9 (or is it 11) years! Apparently, Mathew doesn’t think it’s necessary until the pain is intolerable. Steve, on the other hand, goes faithfully twice a year (hey, it’s covered by dental insurance, so why not?). 

Since we are now at the halfway point of the typical youth ministry year, this reminded us that it’s good to do a bi-annual check up on our youth ministry. What are our volunteers, our students, and we ourselves doing to remind ourselves of our vision and goals? What can we do to avoid the cavities and apathy that the long winter months sometimes bring?

We are the danger, we mean, the dentist! (Breaking Bad reference there)

Episode 67 — Getting a Mid-Year Checkup

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