Episode 69 — 2nd Semester Seniors: A Deeper Look

2nd Semester Seniors — A Deeper Look

In episode 68, we asked two second-semester seniors what they want from their youth ministry as they approach graduation. The main thing we heard from them was support, caring, and comfort. What they don’t want is change, guilt, pressure, or anyone asking, “So, what are YOU doing after graduation?”

In this episode, we unpack these ideas a little more thoroughly. What’s behind that for these students, and perhaps even their parents. What can we as youth workers do to help not only our students, but their parents, prepare for this emotional and important transition. What if, instead of adding to their stress and feeding the comparison machine, we instead relieve the pressure and help everybody realize it’s all going to be okay?! 

It’s something we confess we haven’t done well, and yet, now that we are nearly finished with this whole season ourselves, wish we could do differently. Maybe we don’t have to drown ourselves in fried cheese curds to survive this after all.

We think this is an important conversation. We hope you can learn from our mistakes.

This episode of Youth Ministry Sherpas is sponsored by: https://servehq.church/

Episode 69 — Second Semester Seniors: A Deeper Look

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