Episode 70 — With a Young Family

It feels like another lifetime, but we still remember it like it was, well, a lifetime ago. Once upon a time, we were youth workers with young children at home!

Youth Ministry is an incredible life choice, not only for us but for our spouse and kids as well. It presents blessings and challenges to parenting and to raising small children that many other professions do not. How do you leave the troubles of other people’s kids at the office? How much do you share with your wife? How do you integrate your family and ministry, but not too much? With great skill and agility, we navigated those waters. Actually, we had little idea what we were doing, but we survived. Maybe we even learned something worth sharing. 

As Mathew prepares to send his youngest child off to college and Steve prepares to graduate his youngest child from college, we present to you our old thoughts on how to be a great youth pastor while raising a young family.

Episode 70 — With a Young Family

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