Sherpa Legend — Greg Stier

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Greg Stier is one of the most important voices in youth ministry. His passionate call to keep evangelism at the forefront of all we do has inspired an entire generation of youth pastors and students to share their faith with courage.

Greg is the founder and former president of Dare 2 Share Ministries. Raised in a violent, inner-city family in Denver, Colorado, he never knew his father. A local pastor named “Yankee” led Greg and his entire family to Christ. That ignited a passion in Greg to see all lost people come to know Jesus. Following college, he became a pastor and founded Dare 2 Share ministries. Deeply impacted by the Columbine shooting in 1999, Greg took the ministry full-time and has never looked back.

Greg has spoken to more than a million teenagers through the Dare 2 Share conferences. He’s the author of Gospelize and numerous resources for leaders and students. A few years ago, Greg and his team created Dare 2 Share Live, taking the principles of healthy evangelistic youth ministries to thousands of churches around the country via simulcast. The next event is 10/10/20.

Greg is a frequent speaker at Youth Specialties and a die-hard defender of youth pastors and youth ministry. You cannot talk to Greg Stier and go away unchanged and unchallenged.

We hope you enjoy our conversation with the legendary Greg Stier.


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