Sherpa Shorts (Season 3) — Song #6

It’s May! That means it’s time to put the top down, turn up the radio, and break out the Sherpa Shorts!

For the past two years during the month of May, we provided a blast of llama love with a burst of episodes we called the Sherpa Shorts. This year we are choosing some incredible song lyrics and then riffing about how they relate to youth ministry. Great music, sage thoughts, and a playlist for your summer road trip – that sounds like podcast perfection!

Enjoy this year’s version of SHERPA SHORTS!

Episode 6 – Avril Lavigne – “My Happy Ending” from the album Under My Skin (2004)
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  1. Although the climbing season is short, often only a single week in mid-May, Sherpas look after the mountain for a total of three months. As well as fixing ropes and ladders before climbers arrive, they also undertake a huge clean-up operation, clearing the tonnes of rubbish left behind on the mountain.

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