Episode 102 — Beyond the Walls

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As much as we love what we do as youth pastors, we’ve come to realize that there’s more to building the Kingdom of God than building our youth group. We want to impact students beyond the walls of our church. But how?

Today’s conversation takes a different tone. We aren’t as interested in providing answers as we are asking the right questions. How do we fulfill our responsibilities to the church that hired us, but also think beyond it? How do we send students out but not feel like we’re losing them? How do we partner with para-church groups who might be vying for the same students we are? How do we serve the students we might never even meet? And what difference might it make if we saw ourselves as sending agencies rather than “bringing” agencies? Our goal is help our students formulate a version of the Christian faith that represents Jesus well and brings people to God instead of turning them away from him.

These are the questions we wrestle through in this conversation. We hope it stirs some thoughts in you as well.

It’s Episode 102 – Reaching Beyond the Walls

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